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Where Can I Donate Textbooks?

6 Great Places for Donating Old Used Textbooks

Many people have textbooks they no longer need. They or their children may have completed their studies. If you fall into this category, you may be wondering if you can donate textbooks, and if so, where. Thankfully, many places take used textbooks. Some of these places will donate the books to Third World countries or give them to needy students right here in the USA.

Six Places to Donate Used Textbooks

Some of the places listed below will pay you for your donation or arrange free shipping for you to get the books to them.

1. Better World Books

If you want to make a few bucks while getting rid of your old textbooks, Better World Books is a good place to check. Once you sign up on the website, you will receive a label that allows you to ship the book or books to them for free. You can opt to put the used textbooks into drop boxes located in convenient areas. For a large number of books, you can email BWB to arrange a pickup. This establishment donates a book for every used textbook someone purchases. Money raised from selling used books at greatly reduced prices helps to fund literacy programs worldwide. Even if a book is deemed not good enough to be sold or donated, it is recycled to help protect the environment.

2. Books for Africa

This organization donates not only books, it also provides computers to schools in Africa. The books are cleared by a non-profit or non-governmental organization in Africa and distributed to schools and libraries in various countries on the continent. They span all subject areas and age groups, that is, kindergarten, primary, secondary and college/university. There is currently a strong focus on getting agricultural books for distribution. Books can be dropped off at the Books For Africa warehouse in Georgia or Minnesota. Contact BFA to have your books collected if that is more convenient.

3. Books for America

Donations accepted by this non-profit include books, DVDS, laptops, movies, cellphones and digital cameras. The items that Books For America collects are distributed to schools and other organizations in the Washington, DC area. The organization will collect books, CDs or other items directly from you if you have a minimum of 50 items to donate. Donations can be dropped off at either of two central locations in the DC area. It is advisable to call beforehand. You can also ship your books from anywhere in the USA to the Books For America sorting office in Fairfax, Virginia or their used book store in DC.

4. The Book Thing (Baltimore)

Books can be dropped off at the main office in special waterproof bins. They can also be sent by mail to the Book Thing’s office in Baltimore, Maryland. If you live in Baltimore and want to find used books, including textbooks, you can go to the office to select what you need. Just bear in mind that the offices are only open on weekends, Saturdays and Sundays, from 9am to 6pm.

5. Open Books

This organization takes any book in good condition as well as DVDs and CDs that are still playable. Getting them to Open Books is easy as there is a pick-up option for four bags or boxes of donated items. Alternately, you can leave donated textbooks in a drop box located in Lincoln Park or at the Open Books store in River North, Chicago, Illinois. If either of these options are not convenient, you can mail in your donation. Visit the Open Books website to get details on all the locations and ways to send in textbooks you want to donate.

6. Libraries

Not all libraries, especially large ones situated in the city, may want to take your used books. Start by checking smaller or rurally located libraries. Before sending any used books to a library, call to find out if they accept pre-owned books and what are the guidelines for making donations.

In addition to helping to get needed books into the hands of those who need them, you can also earn tax credits. Donated books can be deducted at tax time as a charitable contribution. Knowing that you have helped others by donating your used textbooks will also make you feel like you have done something worthwhile.

Thank you to Jessica McCurdy Crooks for this "Where Can I Donate Textbooks" article.


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