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Hundreds of thousands of students every year buy their textbook new, and never bother to sell it when they are finished with it. The textbook might sit in their closet for a few years, and by the time they go to sell them, their value has gone down so much, that it isnt even worth it to sell their used textbook anymore.

However, If you would be willing to buy your textbook new, and sell that used the very next semester, or if you would be willing to buy used textbooks, most of these students could easily cut off about 50% of the price they spend on textbooks every semester. This could easily mean hundreds of dollars saved for students each semester.

A great way to save money when buying textbooks this semester, is to buy your textbook used. The real trouble with buying used textbooks is finding them. Please check out the rest of this page for great info. on used textbooks.

Consult your peers: When you are looking to buy a used textbook, take a look at your peers. Ask around, and see if you can find somebody who has taken the course in the past who are ready to part with their used textbooks. Finding somebody you know who has the used books you need is like striking gold, when it comes to saving money when buying used textbooks.

If you cannot find a friend who has the used textbook you are looking for, you can always try waiting around that textbook buy back line, to see if anyone is selling back the used textbook you are looking for. Try and strike a deal with a person selling back the book you need... Youll save big bucks, and the person selling the used textbook to you will probably get more money from you anyways, which is really a win-win situation.

Search online: Another great thing to do, when looking to buy a used textbook is to serach online. Online used textbook marketplaces are popping up everywhere, and with a little patience, you could probably find the used textbook you are looking for online.

If you do not know of any online used textbook stores, there are a couple of ways to find what you are looking for. The first and most common way is simply to visit your favorite search engine, and to type in the top keywords people use when they are looking to buy used textbooks. Some of the most popular phrases you may want to search for are: used textbook, used college textbook, cheap used textbook and buy used textbook.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the following resources. The following websites are sites we think would be useful, if you want to buy a used textbook.

Latest Resource Articles

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